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Buddy teams up with Klarna Kosma to streamline expense tracking

The partnership between Buddy and Klarna Kosma is set to make personal finance management easier for young people.

A Revolution Driven by Tech and Society: Five key trends in payment cards for 2023

the growing digital payments market is driven by a combination of economic and societal changes and technological innovations.

Stripe’s Lower Valuation Are Making Waves in the Fintech Industry

The company is aiming for a valuation of $50 billion, according to The Information, slightly below the current price for its stock in secondary markets.

Banking-as-a-Service: The New Normal

digital banking is the new normal, and BaaS is the future of banking...

Why Down Rounds are Becoming More Common for Fintech Startups

As the market shifts dramatically in 2022, many startups, including fintech companies, are turning to down rounds as a way to raise capital.

Neobanks: A New Era of Digital Banking

As the world becomes increasingly digital, neobanks have become a convenient and cost-effective option for those who want to manage their finances solely online

This Week in Fintech: Job Moves and Funding Roundup

The Everly News Roundup brings news of funding success for Pagos and Carmoola.

The Top 7 Growth Stocks in Fintech for 2023

Despite the decline in fintech stocks in 2022, investing in fintech growth stocks remains a lucrative investment strategy for those willing to take on risk

The Future of Banking: 5 Megatrends Reshaping the Industry

The banking industry is undergoing a significant transformation, and financial institutions need to embrace these megatrends to future-proof their organizations

Top Challenges Faced by Fintech Companies and How to Address Them

There are many things to consider when working in fintech and the banking industry, which is why some new companies fail.

Digital Transformations: Understanding the Case for Change and the Reasons for Failure

Digital transformation is a buzzword that has been around for years, but its importance has been highlighted even more during the pandemic
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Recap of FinovateEurope 2023: Key Themes and Takeaways

With a focus on innovation and customer needs, the future looks bright for the industry.

Payoro: The New Contender in the Fintech Scene

Payoro is a new contender in the fintech scene, aiming to provide a user-friendly and affordable banking experience for consumers.

Real-Time Payments: Accelerating Business and Consumer Transactions

As the demand for real-time payments continues to grow, businesses that fail to offer this payment option risk being left behind in an increasingly competitive market.

A Major Acquisition by Neobank N26 is Blown Off

The German neobank N26, which conducts business in Switzerland as well, was looking to buy something that would let its clients trade stocks and index funds.