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Why Down Rounds are Becoming More Common for Fintech Startups

As the market shifts dramatically in 2022, many startups, including fintech companies, are turning to down rounds as a way to raise capital.

Neobanks: A New Era of Digital Banking

As the world becomes increasingly digital, neobanks have become a convenient and cost-effective option for those who want to manage their finances solely online

This Week in Fintech: Job Moves and Funding Roundup

The Everly News Roundup brings news of funding success for Pagos and Carmoola.

The Future of Banking: 5 Megatrends Reshaping the Industry

The banking industry is undergoing a significant transformation, and financial institutions need to embrace these megatrends to future-proof their organizations

Digital Transformations: Understanding the Case for Change and the Reasons for Failure

Digital transformation is a buzzword that has been around for years, but its importance has been highlighted even more during the pandemic

Fintech: Driving Financial Inclusion Through Digitization

Fintech can drive financial inclusion by digitizing services, targeting underserved populations, building trust and utilizing blockchain.

The Rise of Digital-Only Banks in the UK – here are the top 4

According to research by the comparison site Finder, as many as 16% of Britons have opened or plan to open a digital-only current account for this reason.

Saldo Bank: From FinTech to Digital Bank

Saldo Bank, a Lithuanian fintech, has recently introduced term deposits and continues to provide loans for consumers and SMEs across Lithuania.

The Benefits of Keeping Money in Checking and Savings Accounts

Even with the rise of fintechs and neobanks, checking and savings accounts remain the most popular banking options.

Bunq, the Second Largest Neobank in EU, Reports First Quarterly Profit

As Bunq continues to grow and expand, it will be interesting to see how it continues to innovate and differentiate itself from its competitors.

Neobanks Outpace Legacy Banks in European Customer Adoption of Super and Banking Apps

A recent study by App Radar has shown that neobanks are leading the way in European customer adoption of banking apps and super apps.
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Challenger Banks: Disrupting the Status Quo in Retail Banking

In this blog, we will explore the state of retail banking, the different types of challenger banks, and the attractions of digital challenger banks.

Parker: The First Charge Card for E-commerce with Raised Limits

Parker, a fintech startup co-founded by Yacine Sibous and Milan Ray, has recently emerged from stealth with $157 million in equity and debt funding.

Credit Suisse Struggles to Keep Clients as Overhaul Continues

Credit Suisse Group AG won a $54bn lifeline on Thursday 16 March, giving it the chance to rebuild its business.

Swiss Regulators Step in to Reassure Markets Amid Credit Suisse Turmoil

The global financial markets were rattled on Wednesday following fresh fears about the viability of Credit Suisse.