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About us

Meet the founders and the wonderful group of dedicated writers

Who We Are

Everly.eu journal strives to be an important source of high-quality information for people interested in banking and fintech with special focus on challenger banks, payments, product (UX/UI, features, design), industry news, innovation, open banking and women in fintech.

Simon Koci


Simon is fin-tech geek with focus on challenger banks and product UX/design. He makes things happened


Oliver Turn

Head editor

Making sure you are getting the best content possible.

Jan Cerny

Content manager - news

Jan is an innovation enthusiast and Fintech news reporter. He specializes in news distribution, social media, and content analysis.


Stepan Erbs

Marketing manager

Stepan is making sure that our content gets to the right people. Stepan.erbs@everly.eu

Dimal Nathwani


Dimal is a digital asset enthusiast being involved in crypto currencies and blockchain since 2017. A future thinker and global financial visionary, exploring how payments and money transfer is evolving with FinTech.

Araminta Robertson


Araminta is a Speaker, Podcaster and Fintech Writer who specializes in thought leadership, blog content and in-depth reports. blog: mintcopywritingstudios.com/

James Tall


James is a freelance writer and communications consultant with over 10 years experience in financial services and fintech. He has worked in Hong Kong, New York and London, and currently writes for a number of industry titles.

Emma Poole


Emma is a writer, creative director and content specialist with hands-on experience of working for several fintech start-ups in Europe.

Kathryn E. Strachan


When Kathryn’s not creating articles for Everly, she runs Edinburgh-based content marketing agency Copy House. Copy House specialises in helping FinTech founders bring their insights to life with SEO optimised websites and thought-leadership content. copyhousecopywriting.com kathryn.strachan@everly.eu

Renata Kubus


entrepreneur, researcher and lecturer in innovation ecosystems and banking sector. Founder of CID-N Collective Intelligence Development Network. 10+ years of international banking experience: IT & Innovation management.

Hannah Duncan


Hannah Duncan, Founder of Hannah Duncan Investment Content, is a curious copywriter and content producer with a penchant for the fascinating world of fintech. As well as producing content for editors and wealth management clients, Hannah loves to publish her own blogs and interviews at hdinvestmentcontent.com

Tim Strebkov


Tim is a founder of Pixel and Sense - a product design company that works exclusively with financial companies to design beautiful and user-friendly digital products. Tim has been designing things since 2001, working at different internet companies, and then started building his own design consultancy in 2010.

Eduardo Morrison Gomez


Eduardo is leading the Business Development efforts at IntoTheBlock, a market intelligence platform for crypto assets. His areas of focus include trading, fintech, and emerging markets.

Want to become an author?

If you are interested in fintech, have experience, opinion and you want to share it, get in touch.

Sebnem Elif Kocaoglu Ulbrich


Elif is the Founder of Contextual Solutions, a Berlin-based Consultancy, Coaching, and Publication Agency specialized in FinTech and LegalTech. Strategic management, business development, and regulatory (qualified lawyer) topics are her core focus. She is a published author and a periodical contributor to several international blogs.