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Hallmark and Venmo Partner to Launch New Cards

Hallmark, the iconic name in heartfelt greetings, has just dropped some exciting news that’s set to change the way we express love and care through gifts. 

They’ve formed a strategic partnership with the American mobile payment giant, Venmo, to introduce a game-changing product – the Hallmark + Venmo Cards. 

This collaboration promises to make sending money to your loved ones simpler, more secure, and incredibly efficient.

“Gifting trends are constantly evolving, and we want to stay at the forefront of what consumers need to share thoughtful and unique gifts with the ones they love,” said Hallmark senior vice president of global product development and innovation Darren Abbott in a statement.

Sending Money Made Personal

Imagine being able to send funds with Venmo through a physical Hallmark card. 

This innovative approach offers users a delightful, personal touch to sending money to family, friends, or acquaintances. 

It’s not just about the money; it’s about the heartfelt gesture that comes with it.

The Perfect Partnership

Hallmark brings its legacy of services and expertise in the art of gifting, while Venmo offers its simple and widely trusted payment methods. 

The partnership’s goal is crystal clear – to enhance the gift-giving process for customers. With Hallmark + Venmo Cards, you can offer your gifts without worrying about lost cash or outdated checks.

Freedom of Choice for Recipients

But here’s the exciting twist – recipients now have the freedom to choose how they use the money they receive with Hallmark + Venmo Cards. Clients can pick from a newly launched collection of cards that cover a wide range of occasions – from holidays and weddings to birthdays and beyond.

Personalization Meets Security

Each Hallmark + Venmo Card features a QR code that allows users to select the amount they want to give and even add a heartfelt, handwritten message. 

When the recipient opens the card, they can easily scan the QR code to access the gifted amount in their Venmo account. Rest assured, this service is secure, ensuring that only the intended recipient can access the money.

Where to Get Yours

Hallmark + Venmo Cards will be available for just USD 4.99. You can find them on Hallmark.com, at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores, and at select retailers nationwide.

Venmo’s Expanding Horizons

Hallmark isn’t the only one partnering with Venmo to make life more convenient. In August 2023, the France-based cashback application, Shopium, announced its integration with Venmo to enhance its cashback redemption offerings.

Shopium’s clients can now connect their Venmo accounts to receive cashback deposits easily. All it takes is a simple setup through the Shopium application. 

The best part? No minimum balance requirements or associated redemption charges. This supplementary payment option empowers Shopium users to have better control over their finances while earning more cashback rewards.

 Keep an eye out for upcoming deals on essentials like groceries, drinks, beauty items, and pet necessities, and make the most of your Venmo account.

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