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Expanding Horizons: bunq Unveils Cashback and Savings in Multiple Currencies, Empowering Digital Nomads and Environmental Consciousness

The user base of bunq, the second-largest neobank in the EU, is expanding quickly around the continent. The challenger bank currently has over 4.5 billion euros in user deposits and 9 million registered customers. The business, which targets digital nomads who spend a lot of time travelling, announced this week that it is introducing cashback (up to 2%) and savings interest in a variety of currencies.

Bunq’s CEO and founder, Ali Niknam the following: 

“Bringing up to 2% cashback to Europe is very exciting! On top of that, we’re introducing new savings accounts that give you up to 3.71% of interest!”

At its bunq Update 23 event tonight in Amsterdam’s DeLaMar Theater, bunq will unveil new features that will make it easier for users who are location-independent and environmentally conscious to save money and make a real difference in the environment by banking with bunq.

Cashback of 2%

As the first EU neobank to offer the largest cash payments to its customers, bunq enables them to make money even as they spend it.

All users of bunq’s Easy Money and Easy Green plans—the two most popular among digital nomads—will receive 1% back on food and beverages, and all Easy Green users will receive 2% back on public transit.

There is a ton of interest in many currencies: 3.71% on the USD and GBP

Bunq, which is dedicated to giving its users a borderless experience, now allows them to save and get interest in several currencies, paying them 3.71% interest on USD and GBP.

The interest rate for business users of bunq is 2.3% in US dollars and British pounds. This allows the location-independent users of bunq to increase their funds in the currency of their choice.

Information about the CO2 footprint of purchases

Bunq presents a mechanism to enable its users to track the CO2 footprint of their purchases in order to help its users achieve genuine, verifiable, and meaningful environmental effects. They will be in a better position to decide wisely while engaging in regular transactions as a result.

Additionally, veritree, a data-driven platform for restoration that takes pleasure in its verifiable environmental benefit, join with bunq.

Together, the two businesses pledge to plant at least 5 million trees year, enabling bunq users to more than treble their environmental impact by the year 2025. Additionally, through a dedicated dashboard called bunq’s Impact Hub, customers will now be able to view and follow the impact of bunq’s reforestation efforts.

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