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Revolutionizing Credit Union Banking: eCU Technology and Atomic Partner to Enable Automatic Direct Deposit Switching

To deliver automatic direct deposit switching to credit unions, financial service technology vendor eCU Technology has teamed up with payroll connectivity supplier Atomic.

In order to make it simple and convenient for credit union members to move their payroll deposit accounts, the cooperation aims to develop a user-friendly account onboarding process.

Partnership information between Atomic and eCU Technology

According to the press announcement, by working together, eCU Technology and Atomic hope to modernize the banking experience for credit union members and give them more control over their money. The constant development of eCU Technology’s new platform for creating accounts is a top priority.

Due to Atomic’s competitive pricing, eCU Technology was able to provide its clients with high-quality direct deposit switching services without having to make sizable investments in infrastructure or API development as a result of customer feedback and growing demand for automated direct deposit switching.

Credit union members can benefit from more convenience and control over their financial activities by having automated direct deposit switching capabilities included in eCU Technology’s platform. According to the release, strategic development represents an important step in the process of modernizing financial services and bringing cutting-edge solutions that are specifically suited to the requirements of credit unions.

Matthew Downing, President of eCU Technology, commented on the news by saying that his company is looking forward to working with Atomic to help its clients raise core deposits by utilizing the automatic direct deposit switching offered by Atomic.

According to their statement, customers now have the option to have a fully funded account on the core banking system with their direct deposit switched to their new account in less than 3 minutes, with no action required from the credit union. This was made possible by combining eCU Technology’s account origination technology with Atomic’s automated direct deposit switching.

In addition, Atomic’s co-founder and CEO, Jordan Wright, said that the company is dedicated to assisting financial institutions of all sizes in succeeding. Through collaborations like the one with eCU Technology, Atomic is able to provide local and regional credit unions with the same technology used by major US financial institutions.

The spokesman expressed excitement about working with eCU technology as they collaborate to offer competitive and cutting-edge financial solutions.

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