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Wallester and BANKZ Join Forces to Bring Revolutionary Corporate Debit Cards

In a world where financial technology is rapidly advancing, Wallester has partnered with BANKZ to offer various banking solutions to businesses.

BANKZ is a network banking platform that provides multiple financial solutions within one digital environment.

With this partnership, BANKZ has quickly launched virtual and physical corporate debit Visa cards as part of its services and offerings.

All-in-One Financial Management Solution

BANKZ has a unique platform that can manage various financial solutions within one digital environment.

By combining the platform with dedicated corporate cards, businesses can manage their capital stored in different bank accounts, payment cards, or crypto exchanges, all in one place.

Wallester is proud to be part of BANKZ’s journey in providing more comprehensive financial management solutions to the world.

Revolutionary Multiple Internal Accounts Framework

The new corporate cards from BANKZ have been created to help customers handle all their business expenditures with ease, using the Multiple Internal Accounts framework.

This framework allows users to manage employee and management spending, regulate corporate expenses, establish transactional limitations, impose usage guidelines, determine account limits, allocate account funds separately, and gain other advantages that promote effective corporate expenditure management and accounting.

Wallester’s White-Label Solution for Branded Visa Cards

Wallester is thrilled to have BANKZ as a partner and grateful for their trust in launching their payment card program.

At Wallester, the goal is to continue providing innovative payment solutions and white-label services to businesses of all sizes. This partnership with BANKZ is just one example of how Wallester is enabling businesses to offer their customers convenient payment options, and efficient financial management tools.

Through Wallester’s in-house built platform, businesses like BANKZ can easily and quickly launch their own branded payment cards.

These cards provide all the benefits and convenience of Visa card programs, including global acceptance and access to digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Garmin Pay.

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