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Digital Banks: A Comparison of Revolut and Monese

With traditional banking becoming obsolete in the modern age, digital banks have become a popular alternative. 

Two of the more popular digital banks are Revolut and Monese. 

Revolut vs. Monese: An Overview

Revolut and Monese are digital banks that allow users to create an account in minutes using their smartphones and photo IDs. 

Both also offer currency exchange services, accounts in multiple currencies, and have multiple pricing tiers. 

However, Revolut fashions itself as an all-in-one financial services app, while Monese describes itself as a “mobile money account” and an alternative way to get a bank account.

Costs to Get Started

Both Revolut and Monese have a standard plan available, with Revolut Standard and Monese Simple accounts, respectively. 

These accounts provide a current account and a debit card. However, while Revolut has location-dependent costs for a priority delivery, Monese has a standard £4.95 charge for each card. 

Both have strict limits on how much their cards can be used to withdraw money from cash machines.

Accounts and Features

Revolut offers four service tiers, each with different levels of service, additional perks, features, and savings, while Monese has three tiers, each with its own perks and limitations. Revolut’s Premium, for £6.99 per month, offers better interest rates, a discount on international transfers, higher limits on withdrawals, travel perks, and airport lounge access. 

Monese’s Classic, for £5.95 per month, adds personal insurance, hospital stay protection, and purchase protection, among other features.

Both banks offer easy visualization of payments, the ability to easily send and request money, savings pots, budgeting tools, and currency conversion.

Monese offers a credit builder system, which works as an interest-free loan that users pay back to boost their credit score.

Choosing the Right Bank

When choosing between Revolut and Monese, it’s essential to consider your personal needs and preferences. 

For instance, Revolut is a better option for those looking to invest in cryptocurrency, while Monese is ideal for those looking to boost their credit score. Both digital banks provide excellent services, but their service tiers, pricing, and additional features differ.

Other Alternatives

For those looking for an affordable and convenient way to send money internationally and spend overseas, Wise is an excellent option. 

The multi-currency account offers low fees and the mid-market exchange rate, and the Wise debit card allows low-cost overseas spending in 175 countries.

Final Thoughts

Digital banks are becoming a popular alternative to traditional banking, and Revolut and Monese are two of the best digital banks available. 

When choosing between the two, it’s essential to consider your personal needs and preferences. 

However, for those looking for an affordable way to send money internationally, Wise is an excellent option to consider.

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