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RevTech Labs Capital: Charlotte’s Premier Venture Capital Firm for Fintech Startups

RevTech Labs Capital, a Charlotte-based venture capital firm, has gained national recognition for its consistent investments and support of financial-technology startups.

Its CFV Ventures, a venture capital fund investing in Series A and seed companies in the fintech and insurance-technology space, has been ranked as the top fintech startup venture capital firm by Startup Savant.

This recognition is a major milestone for RevTech Labs Capital and reflects positively on the entire Charlotte region, which is becoming a leading fintech market.

RevTech Labs Capital’s Commitment to Accelerator Program and Leadership Training Model

RevTech Labs Capital’s commitment to its accelerator program and leadership training model played a significant role in landing the top spot on Startup Savant’s list.

According to Dan Roselli, co-founder of RevTech Labs, their accelerator program and the connections it provides are instrumental in funding a great volume of fintechs, making them one of the most active fintech investors in the country.

Startup Savant notes that the fintech industry is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide.

This industry is continuously expanding, creating numerous opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs globally.

RevTech Labs Capital’s Investment Range and Focus

RevTech Labs Capital was co-founded in 2017, following the birth of its startup accelerator program in 2012. The venture capital firm invests in fintech and insurtech startups globally, with a heavy focus on North American companies.

The firm’s investments range from $200,000 to $400,000. It invests in all companies that participate in its accelerator program and continues that funding for successful alumni.

Additionally, it also invests in companies outside of the accelerator.

Building Charlotte’s Venture Community

Many people previously had to travel to cities such as New York or San Francisco when they needed capital. However, large ecosystems like those markets can be harder to navigate.

RevTech Labs Capital is building Charlotte’s venture community to make the city a viable option for those seeking funding.

Locations like Charlotte or the Triangle are becoming options for those seeking funding due to the cities’ continued growth in the venture capital space.

Evolving Charlotte’s Startup Landscape

Charlotte’s startup landscape has evolved significantly over the last decade.

Deal flow was previously limited to areas such as New York or Chicago, but those restrictions are beginning to lift.

In Charlotte, this shift is largely credited to the region’s growth as a strong and vibrant ecosystem where people want to move.

Expansion beyond Fintech and Insurtech Industries

Since launching in 2017, RevTech Labs Capital has established two capital funds for early-stage companies.

It launched a $10 million fund in early 2019 and a $50 million fund last year.

RevTech Labs now aims to invest in companies outside of the fintech and insurtech industry.

Paving the Way for Charlotte’s Future in Venture Capital

RevTech Labs Capital’s success in the venture capital industry has put Charlotte on the map with other major cities, showing that Charlotte is a place where businesses and entrepreneurs can seek funding.

The firm’s recognition reflects a positive step in the local metro area’s growing reputation as a leading fintech market.

The company’s continued investments in early-stage startups are also paving the way for Charlotte’s future in venture capital.

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