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Paris Hilton Takes Over Klarna’s “Smoooth” Campaign

Klarna has long been known for its unique and star-studded campaigns. From A$AP Rocky to Snoop Dogg, the Swedish FinTech company has partnered with some of the biggest names in entertainment to promote its brand.

The latest celebrity to join the Klarna team is American media personality Paris Hilton.

“That’s Smoooth”: Paris Hilton Joins the Klarna Family

Paris Hilton has teamed up with her media company 11:11 Media to put her spin on Snoop Dogg’s original “Get Smooth” campaign.

By combining her catchphrase “That’s hot” with Klarna’s “Smoooth” tagline, Hilton has created a new and exciting campaign for the company.

The new advert features a stretched-out dachshund wearing a collar that reads “Stretch your payments with Klarna”, showcasing the company’s flexible payment options.

Klarna Continues to Appeal to Younger Shoppers

Despite the challenges that Klarna faced last year, with valuation cuts and job cuts, the company continues to grow its consumer-facing image. Klarna Chief Marketing Officer David Sandström stated that Hilton’s expertise in fashion, tech, and business made her the perfect person to partner with for this campaign.

The new advertisement, which also features internet star Bretman Rock, was brought to life by Ukrainian Grammy award nominee Tanu Muino. Muino, who has worked with big names like Harry Styles and Cardi B, described the experience as “refreshing” and “unique to Klarna”.

In-App Operations Get a Makeover with “Money Story”

Klarna is also strengthening its appeal to a younger generation of shoppers with its in-app operations. The company has launched a new “Money Story” feature that resembles the popular “Spotify Wrapped” and is designed to make it easier and more fun for users to keep track of their spending habits in a gamified way.

With this new feature, Klarna is continuing to make shopping and finance more accessible and enjoyable for a younger generation of consumers.

Klarna’s partnership with Paris Hilton is the latest in a string of star-studded campaigns that have helped the company stay ahead of the curve. With the launch of “Money Story”, Klarna is continuing to innovate and appeal to a younger generation of shoppers.

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