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Partnership between Credits and Unlimint

UK-based neobank Credits has partnered with fintech Unlimint to offer Mastercard debit cards for users in Europe and LATAM for an augmented banking experience.

The partnership aims to create a unique product for crypto users, enabling seamless spending, and boosting the growth of the digital banking market.

Card Issuance

Customers can register in the Credits app, pass KYC verification, and order the debit card directly from within the app.

The project is set to launch in Q1 2023, starting with the European market, followed by expansion to Mexico and Brazil.

The first phase will include virtual cards, followed by physical card issuance.

Seamless Crypto Spending

The partnership enables crypto users to spend crypto more conveniently without having to convert their assets through centralised exchanges. The debit card powered by Unlimint will help Credits expand its product and service offering globally.

The collaboration is expected to contribute to the growth of the digital banking market, with Statista projecting a total transaction value of USD 9,471 billion in 2023 and a revenue growth of 28.9% in 2024.

Partnership Goals

Unlimint is excited to partner with Credits on this mission to revolutionise the modern world of banking services and help build a seamless connection between Web 2 and Web 3.

The partnership is a step towards Unlimint’s goal of creating a new fintech world with limitless possibilities, without legacy and banking technology limitations.

About Credits

Credits is a digital neobank that combines many financial services into one application, focusing on providing financial services for the cryptocurrency space.

The team at Credits believes in making finance management accessible to everyone with free or nearly-free cost, global access, and full transparency.

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