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DNB takes customer service to the next level with Boost.ai’s AI Platform, automating over half of chat traffic

Nordic bank DNB has made great strides in automating its customer service processes with the use of Boost.ai’s conversational AI platform. 

Within the first six months of implementing the virtual agent Aino, over 50% of all incoming chat traffic was automated, with the bot now handling over 20% of all customer service requests. 

Aino has interacted with more than one million customers to date.

To ensure that the virtual agent is able to effectively assist customers, DNB has dedicated 15 full-time staffers to training Aino on how to best respond to customer inquiries and when to escalate to a human agent. 

This shift towards automation has allowed DNB employees to focus on more complex tasks, rather than spending time on administrative work.

The ABCs of Chat Automation

Chat marketing automation is golden in the world of marketing and technology.

Crafting a strategy to use this tool is like setting up a personalized journey for your customers. 

Therefore, not only will chat automation contribute to a positive customer experience but it can also streamline and maximize the purchasing process. 

Just the start of communicative AI

According to Jan Thomas Lerstein, SVP and head of IT emerging technologies at DNB, the bank is just getting started with its use of conversational AI. 

Lerstein says, “In leveraging AI, our aim is to revitalise our value chains, creating better service for our customers and, of course, value for the bank.

He concludes,  “We are already looking at voice APIs and how we can achieve higher levels of personalisation with this technology, and we will continue to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with conversational AI. In improving efficiency, the sky’s the limit.”

DNB is already exploring the use of voice APIs to further personalize its customer service and plans to continue pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with this technology.

DNB is not only creating new digital products but also constantly improving core business operations through its internal efficiency program, DigiDrift.

The program has already resulted in the implementation of robots in 35 processes and the deployment of a chatbot, Aino, that can communicate with 3,000 customers simultaneously.

DNB anticipates further technological advancements in the future.

Overall, the implementation of Boost.ai’s conversational AI platform has allowed DNB to improve efficiency and provide better service to its customers, ultimately resulting in value for the bank.

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