Klarna launched the platform that helps retailers to increase sales by 300% 


Recently the world-leading global retail bank Klarna has launched their new Creator platform that helps retailers find influencers best suited to their brand and enables seamless collaboration through instant messaging, gifting, and commission setting.

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The brands state that after using the Creator platform, their sales increased threefold, and report an 80% decrease in time spent on managing creator partnerships. The positive result from the platform impacts Klarna’s growth, as now it joins the $16 billion influencer marketing economy and opens up a crucial new channel for its 450,000 retail partners worldwide. 

Let’s check why Klarna decided to invest in the influence marketing area.

  • According to statistics, by 2023, influencer marketing expenditure is projected to reach $4.6 billion in the US alone.
  • 61% of consumers trust influencer recommendations, compared to 38% who trust brand-produced content
  • 75% of brands intend to dedicate a significant budget to influencer marketing in 2022

Klarna is the first global retail bank, which developed a platform where single place, the platform seamlessly matches retailers with the right influencers and tracks performance metrics in real-time, enabling retailers to better engage their target audiences and achieve higher returns on influencer partnerships. 

How does the Creator platform work?

There are two roles on the platform: creator (influencer) and retailer *brand). Both of them are able to choose the appropriate partner and start collaboration directly on the platform.

  1. Using real-time data insights on traffic, sales, average order value and more, retailers can maximize their ROI and creators can monetize their reach.
  2. After starting cooperation, the influencer receives the tracking link to start promoting the product and get the commission.
  3. The earned commissions are paid out monthly and invoiced automatically

Instead of signing individual contracts for each new partnership, with Klarna, creators gain direct access to the world’s leading brands and can choose the products to recommend Retailers meanwhile can search a pool of over 500,000 creators globally and track their performance in real-time while collaborating. It includes traffic, sales, and conversion rates.

Martin Landen, Founder of APPRL and Head of Social Shopping at Klarna: “Every minute creators spend on cumbersome admin is valuable time lost that could have been spent on creating engaging content. By providing access to affiliate partnerships, brand campaigns and gifting activations with the world’s leading brands, Klarna empowers creators to monetize their influence at scale and turn their attention to producing quality content. At the same time, Klarna helps retailers take the guesswork out of influencer collaborations by identifying which talents fit their brand and which channels drive the best results.” 

Amelia Liana, travel, fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer: “Klarna Creator Platform is my go-to for a slick, clean and easy to use platform. It provides easy contact with brands for potential collaborations with a great range of insights to improve earning and discover what my audience are enjoying. Not only are all the brands I love on the platform but I’ve also enjoyed discovering new brands via the platform. My favourite feature is the up to date news and current promotions, I also love the recommendations page which suggests fashion pieces my audience might like too.”