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Revolut hits 25 million customers worldwide milestone

Revolut managed to hit 20 million users just four months ago, the company has now added another five million to its growing customer base.

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The company, which was launched in the UK in 2015, is now processing over 330 million transactions a month. In Ireland, it said 230,000 new customers have joined since the summer, bringing total numbers here to over 2 million.

Revolut has expanded its presence further in the US this year, where it now has over half a million retail users and employs over 150 people in North America.

“Our mission is to unlock the power of a borderless economy, for everyone, by bringing the world’s first financial super app to all corners of the globe,” Revolut head of international expansion André Silva said.

“This year we have made important steps in achieving this, building our teams on the ground in India, Mexico and Brazil.”

Over the past year, Revolut has readied itself to launch a streamlined version of the app across Latin America, South East Asia and the Middle East labelled ‘Revolut Lite’, and has expanded further across the US, reaching more than half a million retail users.

On the business side, the company has launched 20 new products and processed more than £110 billion in transactions to date. Revolut claims to be attracting more than 2000+ new businesses every week.

Nikolay Storonsky, chief executive officer, comments: “Revolut’s growth continues at pace. We have continued to build out our unique product offering across the globe, expanding into new markets with new customers. Topping 25 million customers in just over seven years is a fantastic achievement for the company. We can’t wait to bring our product to many more in the weeks and months ahead.”

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