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MoneyLIVE Autumn Festival is back and bringing the party to Madrid

MoneyLIVE Autumn Festival unites the most senior and innovative banking leaders from across Europe to address the ground-breaking developments transforming the industry today.

“MoneyLIVE is always a very valuable industry event that is well organised” Head of Customer Journey Design, Santander UK

What to expect:

100+ Speakers

Soak up inspiration from a select line-up of visionary speakers from
across Europe, benchmark yourself against your competition, and
have your burning questions answered.

3 Stages

Explore the tantalising breadth of discussions on the hottest issues
in the banking and payments landscape over three stages and pick
and choose the sessions that best satisfy your curiosities.

Cutting-edge Content

Explore the new business model opportunities in open finance,
get to grips with how Web3, Blockchain and the Metaverse are set
to transform financial services, and learn how to prepare for the
embedded finance boom.

Industry Rockstars

Hear from industry ‘rockstar’ speakers, from the Global Head of
Retail Banking at HSBC and CEO of ING Spain and Portugal to the
Chief Executives of innovative FinTechs like Mode and Ziglu

“The MoneyLIVE Autumn Festival was one of the finest events I’ve ever attended – and not just as a post-pandemic event but in all time.” Director, HSBC Kinetic

How to book: visit marketforcelive.com/moneylive-festival

Jan Cerny
Jan is an innovation enthusiast and Fintech news reporter. He specializes in news distribution, social media, and content analysis.

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