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Wechselpilot partners with N26

Thanks to the partnership, N26s’ customers can now switch their electricity and gas providers automatically.

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Wechselpilot also recently announced its cooperation with the insurance manager Clark.

The following partnership with the challenger bank N26 enables its customers to access the Wechselpilot consumer service via the banking app.

Wechselpilot helps its customers to automatically switch to cheaper electricity and gas tariffs every year. Jan Rabe and Maximilian Both founded the exchange service in 2016.

The service offered includes tariff comparisons as well as consultations and contract changes.

This service is now also available to N26 customers. Customers who register with Wechselpilot via the N26 app by the end of 2022 would receive a 50 percent discount on the switching service.

“The cooperation with Wechselpilot helps them to reduce their energy costs and pay the lowest price permanently without much effort – an offer that is now more topical than ever for many,” said Christian Strobl, Business Development Lead DACH at N26.

“Current energy prices would make the offer even more relevant for consumers,” he added.

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