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New payment options: eBay and Klarna start strategic partnership

The US Internet auction house eBay and the Swedish financial services provider Klarna are entering into a strategic partnership.

German buyers on eBay now have access to some of Klarna’s payment services through cooperation. Among other things, purchases can now be paid on account or in installments.

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Previously, Klarna only offered the option of instant transfer on the platform.

According to both companies, purchase on account and payment by installments now allow customers to make their purchases even more flexibly and thus have the choice between paying for their purchases directly or later. 

The introduction of the new options also took place at the request of many customers.

“We constantly survey customer preferences and actively incorporate our buyers’ feedback in how we design our platform and user experience,” Oliver Klinck, vice president of eBay Germany, told Alt FI.

“Consumers across the world are moving away from traditional payments to alternatives that better meet their expectations by offering smart and transparent services, the eBay customer is no different,” head of Northern and Central Europe at Klarna, Jani Tyyni, said.

February also saw Klarna introduce its rewards program and Pay Now option to customers in the U.K. as part of a planned expansion to nine new markets — Australia, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Canada and New Zealand.

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