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Starling tops UK’s best customer experience chart

KPMG’s Customer Experience Excellence Report has surveyed almost 10,000 UK consumers and has put Starling Bank in first place.

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From an amount of 9,995 consumers across 282 organisations, the survey found that Starling customers said their ‘feedback was listened to and acted upon’ while Starling’s digital services allowed them to stay online throughout the pandemic.

CEO Anne Boden said: “Our goal has always been giving our customers the bank they tell us that they want and one which puts them in control of their money and their data.” 

“We know exactly what our customers want too, because they tell us every day. We’ve always welcomed and encouraged the interaction.”

“For the leading brands, all customer experiences are now ‘digital first’,” says KPMG UK head of customer consulting Tim Knight.

“Technology advancements means engaging with consumers no longer just means ‘lowest cost’, but also ‘most human.’ These digital businesses are faster, more agile and more emotionally engaging, which sits at the heart of their growth.”

The second place on the ranking was taken by Lush wich is a company praised for its long-term social and environmental commitments, demonstrated across every customer touchpoint.

Another report from KPMG found that a fifth of people have not visited a bank branch since the pandemic began, and only 22 per cent decided to visit a branch within the previous six months.

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