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Revolut partners with Yoppie to cover period costs

Revolut’s new campaign aims to help metal subscribers to lower their period costs with sanitary product subscription service Yoppie.

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Yoppie is a company that offers its subscribers service for typical period products like tampons, pads and liners.

Women and people who have periods have around 456 of them in their lifetime – costing around £18,000 in total.

“Products like tampons or pads are essential items and we don’t think that people who get their period should have to pay for them. Instead, they could use this money to save up, invest and potentially increase their capital,” Tara Massoudi, product operations lead at Revolut said.

“Yoppie enables conversations that change the way people look at their period and menstrual wellness care, exactly like we have changed the way people approach all things money over the years.”

If a customer signs up to Revolut’s ‘Metal’ plan, the bank will give them £5 cashback on all menstrual products selected from Yoppie every month for a year.

Revolut’s campaign starts on 17 November and works until 28 February to join in.

However, Revolut’s Metal subscription costs £12.99 per month. This makes the £5 cashback cover just a tiny part of the subscription cost.

Also, Revolut’s maiden gender pay gap report reveals that women do occupy 13.9% of the highest paid jobs and 45.5% of the lowest-paid jobs across the company.

Female employees of digital bank Revolut are being paid about 31% less than their male colleagues on average.

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