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Starling Bank launched new feature called ‘Bills Manager’

Digital bank Starling has released a new feature that enables customers to make specific recurring bill payments.

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If the customer wants to use the Bills Manager feature, they need to go to their Savings Space, tap ‘Manage Space’, then ‘Pay bills from this Space’.

They can then choose which Direct Debits or standing orders they would like to pay from each Space.

Then they receive a notification every time the bills have been paid and can view the transactions by going into the Space and clicking “View transaction history”.

Anne Boden, CEO at Starling Bank, comments: “Our customers asked for this feature and therefore we created it. Enabling them to better manage their money is our number one goal.”

In case there are insufficient funds in their Bills Manager Space to make a scheduled payment, Starling will send the customer three notifications the day before the payment is due and twice on the payment due date.

If the funds are still missing, the bill will not be paid.

Starling also recently secured switcher net gains of almost 14,000 during the past months.

This way Starling has remained the most consistent performer having raked in more than 10,000 customers every three months since the start of last year.

As being the most improtant digital bank founded and lead by female CEO, Starling decided to sponsor EURO Women 2022

“We are honored to be able to share the excitement of the Women’s EURO with our customers,” stated Rachel Kerrone, Head of Brand at Starling Bank.

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