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Revolut launches personalised cards feature

Revolut users are enabled to create a design of their own choice and enhance the visual of their cards.

The Revolut customers may be using images, texts, emojis and even freehand sketches, to be rendered in monochrome on a chosen card.

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These design elements can be laser engraved on metal cards for customers with a Revolut Metal plan and printed for all other plans – including Standard, Plus and Premium.

If a customer decides to upgrade to Metal, they will get an exclusive 18g metal card available in Lavender, Gold, Rose, Silver, Space Grey, and Black.

Alan Chang, chief revenue officer at Revolut, says: “Customers’ expectations are getting higher every day, with personalisation trends evolving towards mobile, real-time customisation, fast shipping of the personalised items and save-for-later features.”

“Revamping our plans with the new Personalised Cards feature should give a big boost to our customers’ confidence and wallets. It’s encouraging to see how popular our plans have been so far, and we think Personalised Cards will be an attractive and popular addition to our existing offer,” she added.

This is feature is now available in the UK, EEA and Switzerland, pricing for personalised cards start from £2.99.

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