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A$AP Rocky invests in Klarna and launches an ad campaign for the company

A$AP Rocky improved his relationship with Sweden after the 2019 arrest and becomes the latest investor of Europe’s most valuable fintech company, Swedish Klarna.

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The campaign came up with a “Drop your lockdown look. Get smooth again.” slogan. It also features a short video component in which Rocky is depicted emerging from his own lockdown in New York.

The Swedish buy now, pay later giant currently has a $31 billion valuation. The company has also partnered with global brands like Nike, Amazon, and Sephora.

In an interview for Forbes, Rocky commented on the phenomenon of dealing with credit pitfalls, especially in disenfranchised communities. “You’re setting yourself up for financial debt,” he explains.

“There’s no system that helps people with financial literacy. There’s no system that helps us deal with things when it comes to student loans, the IRS, banking or credit.”

Other notable investors include Softbank, General Atlantic, and BlackRock and Rocky’s Snoop Dog.

With the world in a state of re-emergence, Klarna CMO David Sandström said “now is the right time” for a celebration of the joys of style and fashion.

“As a brand and service, Klarna wants to evoke feelings, ASAP Rocky’s innovative mindset and his impeccable sense of style and creativity paired with Klarna’s shopping services is the perfect match that will lead us all out of fashion hibernation and encourage everyone to get out and express themselves again.”

Jan Cerny
Jan is an innovation enthusiast and Fintech news reporter. He specializes in news distribution, social media, and content analysis.

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